SAPAT 2018 Sexual Assault Awareness Month Newsletter

SAPAT’s annual Sexual Assault Awareness Month Newsletter has just been released! Take a look!

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2018 Sexual Assault Awareness Month Newsletter
Sexual Assault Prevention Action Team of Kent County

Changing the Culture on College Campuses.

Society often fails to provide our young people with positive messages on sexuality. Providing young people with education on respectful sexuality, consent, and healthy relationships helps them to make positive decisions throughout life. Standford University is taking a proactive step to preventing sexual violence on their campus through their Beyond Sex Ed curriculum for current and incoming students.

” “The idea of the program is to change the culture around sexuality, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and listening to oneself and others,” Al-Shamma said. “There’s a peer-to-peer connection, and student voices are uplifted. Cultural change needs to happen on the level of students themselves.” “


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